Number  Feature  Description
 1  Quick Menu  Access the various main menus frome here.
 2  Character Info  You can check your class, combat power, level, ID and party members.
 3  Chat Window  You can check your chat messages
 4  Quick Slots  You can add skills and items to use.
 5  HP/MP Bar  You can check the character's current HP and MP.
 6 EXP Bar  You can check the character's level EXP and Soul EXP.
 7 Notification Area   You'll get notifications about skill level-ups, Rift Overdrive and Soul level-ups
 8 Legend Shop  You can enter the Legend Shop from here.
 9  Quest List  You can see a list of quests and a short description of the current quest in progress.
 10   Channel/Mini Map  You can switch channels or check the map.
 11  Attendance Check  You can check the character's attendance status.

? Quick Menu
The menus available in the game are displayed as icons. Click on an icon to open the relevant menu window.

? Chat Window
Press the ENTER key to activate the chat window.

 Character Info  C
 Soul Box  Z
Manage Pets 
 Mission Map
Search for Party 
World Map 
Platinum Service  F1 
Game Menu  ESC


Public  /normal or /s
Whisper  /whisper ID or /w ID 
Area  /area or /y 
Guild  /guild or /g 
Party  /party or /p 
Search for Party  /search for party or /f 
Trade  /trade or /t 


Click on the gear icon in the top right of the chat window to customize each tab.
There are 2 categories of channels (chat and system messages) and each channel is color-coded according to the type.