Duelden - Sky Temple

The Sky Temple is the base of Pandemonium Legion Commander Orman and the Garudas who have been cursed by Rugard.
The cunning Orman has built a base in the Sky Temple, using it to lure in the Tephakin Army to ambush them and reduce their numbers.


The Sky Temple is in the north of Salormis on the Duelden continent.

General Info

You can do main quests in this dungeon, and there is no limit to the number of times you can enter.
The dungeon-creation level is 65, and the difficulty level changes depending on the number of players in your party.
Generates Normal to Legendary-grade equipment.
Selecting Mythic difficulty will allow you to obtain up to Mythic-grade equipment.
This dungeon does not affect Rift Overdrive Points.

Monster Levels & Types


Boss Info

Skills Used
Vortex: Summons a scythe and inflicts damage to all targets within range.
Razor Throw: Summons a sword and inflicts damage to all targets in front.
Summon Follower: Summons Garuda Followers.
Judgment of Hate: A giant sword drops on the characters location, inflicting damage.
Converging Death: Summons a spear and throws it far to inflict damage.

Strategy Tips
The boss summons various weapons and casts skills on characters locations, so keep an eye on the ground during combat.
He also has melee attacks that cannot be dodged, so you need to be able to withstand the attacks to some extent and keep fighting.