Duelden - Tempano City

Duelden is known for its warm climate, bountiful pastures, and vast and fertile plains.
Its relationship with Litenberg was less than good after it invaded Duelden during a food shortage. However, now they are cooperating to fight against Lorencia.

Duelden Continent Map

Duelden is divided into four areas, which are Tempano City,
Bredrice Plains (where monsters infected by Evil Energy emerge), Karolsandria and Salormis.

Tempano City

Tempano City is the key city of the Duelden Alliance that fights against the Lorencia Kingdom.
The city trades with other countries via Tempano port, and the trade volume has been increasing in recent times.

Tempano City Map

At the center of Tempano City is Tempano Square, and you can also find the Resurrection Site, the Foreigners Residence, the Commercial District and the Dock in the surrounding area.

Tempano City - Map Icons


Travel Guide An airship that lets you travel between continents.
Travel Gateway A portal that allows you to travel around the Duelden continent.
Weapon Merchant Buy basic weapons and repair/dismantle items.
Armor Merchant Buy basic armor and repair/dismantle items.
Potion Merchant Purchase potions to heal wounds.
Gemcutter Add gem slots to your equipment and purchase items.
Craftsman Craft equipment and consumables.
Appearance Changer Change/reset the appearance of items.
Enchantment Merchant Enchant items, reset options or grow wings.
Event Helper Receive event rewards.
Mailbox Send and receive mail.
Storage Manager Store items.
Magic Gem Merchant Purchase items with Magic Gems.
Guild Storage Manager A shared Guild Storage where you can store items.