Enova - Dundrin City

Enova is where the protagonist begins his/her journey after being sent back in time by Icarus.
The plants and animals of Enova have mutated, the Pandemonium Army has invaded in an effort to resurrect Glasha and the area is in great danger.
Due to a shortage of soldiers in these violent times, the Dudrin Police have had to enlist contract knights.

Enova Continent Map

Enova is divided into 3 areas, which are Dudrin City, Amberial Forest (where mutated monsters appear) and Weiss Basin.

Dudrin City

Dudrin City is the capital of Dudrin, and although it's a territory of the Lorencia Kingdom, it is governed by the mayor, Andrea.
Dudrin's ore exportation has always maintained its prosperity, but this is now in danger because of the mutated plants and animals, as well as the Pandemonium Army.

Dudrin City Map

The Amberial Forest, which is filled with mutated animals, can be accessed from Dudrin City, and the passage to the Weiss Basin is also located there.
You'll find various merchants in the city's commercial district, including weapon, armor and potion merchants.

Dudrin City - Map Icons

  Travel Guide  An airship that lets you travel between continents.
   Travel Gateway  A portal that allows you to travel around the Enova continent.
   Weapon Merchant  Buy basic weapons and repair/dismantle items.
   Armor Merchant  Buy basic armor and repair/dismantle items.
   Potion Merchant  Purchase potions to heal wounds.
   Gemcutter  Add gem slots to your equipment and purchase items.
   Craftsman  Craft equipment and consumables.
   Appearance Changer  Change/reset the appearance of items.
   Enchantment Merchant  Enchant items, reset options or grow wings.
   Event Helper  Receive event rewards.
   Mailbox  Send and receive mail.
   Storage Manager  Store items.
   Magic Gem Merchant  Purchase items with Magic Gems.
Guild Storage Manager  A shared Guild Storage where you can store items.