Faction War - Rules, Notifications and Schedule

Basic Rules

- Up to 16 guilds can compete for one territory in the Faction War, and a tournament will be held to decide the winner.

- Depending on the ownership status of the territory and the number of guilds participating in the tournament, preliminary matches can be held up to 4 times.
 It is also possible to go straight to the final without preliminaries.

- The match schedules will be announced separately depending on the number of participating guilds. Please make sure you are aware of the starting time of each match.

Tournament Applicants

① Requirements, and how to apply

- You can apply to participate in the Faction War for one territory at a time.

- If youre already occupying a territory, youll be automatically registered to the tournament for the territory youre occupying without making an application, and youll only compete in the final.

- The number of attack-unit members required for the tournament is determined by the grade of the territory.

(1-Star: 5 players; 2-Star: 10 players; 3-Star: 20 players)

- Only the guild leader can apply for the Faction War.

- To participate in the Faction War, you need to pay Guild Trophies.

- The grade of the territory determines the minimum bid of Guild Trophies required for the tournament. 

② Eligibility Criteria

- Eligibility is determined by the number of Guild Trophies included in your bid.

- If everyone has made their bid with the same number of Guild Trophies, they will be accepted in the order of application.

- All of the Guild Trophies paid will be returned if the guild fails the 1st application.

- If your guild couldn't make an application during the 1st application period, you have to wait for the next Faction War.

- Only those guild leaders who failed the 1st application are allowed to make their 2nd application for the remaining territories.

■ Tournament Participants

- It takes up to 10 minutes to complete one preliminary match.

- Preliminary matches may end early depending on the scores, and guilds will return to the town and wait for the next preliminary match if that happens.

■ Regarding 4th Preliminaries

- The 4th preliminary match is held when many guilds apply for the same territory owned by another guild.

- The guild who wins the 4th preliminary match will compete in the final against the guild currently occupying the territory.w

- There won't be any 4th preliminary matches in the first Faction War, since no territories will be owned at that point.

■ Closing of the Faction War Tournament

- The territory-ownership status will be updated and territory benefits will become available only after the tournament is completely closed.

- You'll be able to follow any guild you prefer among those occupying a territory.

Faction War Schedule

■ Faction War - Application and Preparation Periods

- The Faction War tournament is held once every 2 weeks, from Friday to Sunday (including the application period).

- There will be application and preparation periods according to the following schedule, from Friday to Saturday on the week of the Faction War.

■ Detailed Schedule

- The Faction War matches will be held every second Sunday according to the following schedule.

- The match schedules are subject to change, depending on the numbers of guilds that have applied for the same territory. Please make sure you are aware of the schedule.