Litenberg - Pit of Nightmares

The Evil Energy tunnel that spews out Pandemonium soldiers is deep inside the Pit of Nightmares, the source of the Pandemonic changes.
Pandemonium Army Commander Elyraq rules over his forces from within.


The Pit of Nightmares is in the northwest of the War Shelter on the Litenberg continent.

General Info

You can do main quests in this dungeon, and there is no limit to the number of times you can enter.
The dungeon-creation level is 65, and the difficulty level changes depending on the number of players in your party.
Generates Normal to Legendary-grade equipment.
Selecting Mythic difficulty will allow you to obtain up to Mythic-grade equipment.
This dungeon does not affect Rift Overdrive Points.

Monster Levels & Types

Boss Info

Skills Used

Fist Swing: Elyraq's basic attack; a melee attack in the shape of a fan.
Spinning Attack: Elyraq twists his body to inflict circular area damage.
Destruction (Falling Rocks): Rocks quickly fall from the sky 3 times, inflicting circular area damage.
Madness (Buff): Elyraq goes mad and becomes stronger.
Triple Slam: A circle appears on the ground at random and Elyraq slams 3 times as he lands, inflicting damage and stunning the target.
Multi Tentacle: 3 types of tentacles attack 3 times at random.

Strategy Tips

As the last boss of the Litenberg continent, his attacks inflict great damage.
Some attacks are hard to dodge, so you must take it slow, inflict a little damage with each attack and prepare for a long battle.