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Litenberg - Qwyinan Village

The Dracans, who value strength and courage, live in the north of Litenberg.
Mediah, founded by human mages, encompasses the southern area, dividing the continent into two parts.

Litenberg Continent Map

Litenberg is divided into 8 regions, which are Qwyinan Village, Ice Lake Plain (where dragons and mutated monsters appear), Kanturu Musai, Wallkreiger Ruins, Sanguine Highlands, Mining Gorge, War Shelter and Sanctum of the Elders.

Qwyinan Village

Qwyinan, the village of the Dracans, is currently in danger of being overrun by dragons and mutated monsters closing in from surrounding areas.
The Dracans are usually mistrustful of strangers and other races,
but Dracans Knight Commander Chaisong has put all that aside and allied with the Mediah Kingdom to prevent the fall of Qwyinan.

Qwyinan Village Map

The passages to the Ice Lake Plain, Wallkreiger Ruins and the Mining Gorge are located in Qwyinan Village.
You'll find various merchants in the village's commercial district, including weapon, armor and potion merchants.

Qwyinan Village - Map Icons

Travel Guide   An airship that lets you travel between continents.
 Travel Gateway  A portal that allows you to travel around the Litenberg continent.
 Weapon Merchant Buy basic weapons and repair/dismantle items. 
 Armor Merchant  Buy basic armor and repair/dismantle items.
 Potion Merchant  Purchase potions to heal wounds.
 Gemcutter  Add gem slots to your equipment and purchase items.
 Craftsman  Craft equipment and consumables.
 Appearance Changer  Change/reset the appearance of items.
 Enchantment Merchant  Enchant items, reset options or grow wings.
 Event Helper  Receive event rewards.
 Mailbox  Send and receive mail.
 Storage Manager  Store items.
 Magic Gem Merchant  Purchase items with Magic Gems.
 Guild Storage Manager  A shared Guild Storage where you can store items.