Litenberg - Sanctum of Dragon Knights


According to a Dracans legend, the Sanctum of Dragon Knights is part of the ruins of the ancient Wallkreiger kingdom and thus a holy location. However, Dragon King Kaizel, the ruler of this sanctum, was overcome by a mysterious madness and laid waste to everything. As a result, this place is now in the grip of evil.

The only way to liberate the Sanctum of Dragon Knights is to defeat Dragon King Kaizel.



The Sanctum of Dragon Knights is in the west of the Wallkreiger Ruins on the Litenberg Continent.


General Info

The Sanctum of Dragon Knights is one of the most powerful dungeons and is home to ancient, slumbering dragons. The difficulty here is higher than that of a Mythic dungeon. The dungeon-creation level is 65, and the difficulty level changes depending on the number of players in your party.

There's an entry requirement for this dungeon. (Lv. 65+ / Combat Power 97,250+)

Generates up to Set-grade equipment.

You can enter once a day, and the limit resets every day at 5 am.


Monster Levels & Types

Boss Info

Skills Used

Swing: Kaizel swings his arms to inflict damage to the character in front.

Lash: Kaizel swings his tail to inflict circular area damage to characters within range.

Dragon Breath: Kaizel inflicts continuous damage to the front, and then either turns his face to the left or right to inflict momentary damage.

Spirit Wave: Kaizel uses projectiles that can penetrate to inflict damage.

Hell Gate: Kaizel inflicts damage over a wide area around himself and deals DoT for a few seconds.

Soul Ring: The character who is struck by Soul Ring shares the damage received with all party members.

Soul Transmission: Kaizel uses Soul Transmission to recover HP once it has reduced to a certain point.


Strategy Tips

All of Kaizel's skills inflict great damage, so one mistake could cost you the battle.

In particular, Soul Ring inflicts damage on all party members even when just one member is hit, so this could have catastrophic effects.

The monsters that Kaizel summons use healing skills to recover Kaizel's HP, so you must switch targets and defeat the summoned monsters first.