3vs3 - PVP


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3:3 Co-op Mode is a PvP mode where a team of 3 players takes on another team of 3.

How to Play 3:3 Co-op

Press hotkey [B] or click on the Mission Map icon at the top of the screen to open the window and enter.

Once the 3:3 Co-op button is activated, you will see the Individual Request and Party Request buttons. Individual Request will team you up with random players, and Party. Request will let you request a 3:3 Co-op battle with your friends (Party Request feature is currently in development).
This shows the character's 3:3 Co-op battle information, such as wins, records and league name.

When an opponent is found after you request a 3:3 Co-op, it will show at the top center of the screen.
You can click on Cancel to cancel the match any time before you enter.

You can check the information of the participating characters once you enter the 3:3 Co-op.

Once all the characters enter, they will be placed as shown above and the battle will begin.

You get points when you defeat the opposing team's players, and if it's a draw, everyone loses.

To the right of the screen, you will see the time left and the points for both teams. Below that, you will see the character-kill information.

This shows the battle information of the 3:3 Co-op you participated in.
This shows the winning points and league name of the 3:3 Co-op you participated in.
This shows the rewards earned from the 3:3 Co-op you participated in.

3:3 Co-op Rewards

You can exchange the Fighter's Tokens you get from 3:3 Co-ops for game items via the PvP merchant in Ohrdor.

The PvP merchant is located in the center Ohrdor's commercial area.

The PvP merchant sells basic materials and special items that you can only obtain in the mission maps.

3:3 Co-op Leagues

Co-op leagues are determined based on the winning points of characters.


There are 6 leagues in total, from Bronze League up to Legend League.
Players in the higher leagues get more Fighter's Tokens when they win/lose battles.

Notes about 3:3 Co-op Mode

Co-op is a PvP mode where players battle against each other in teams.
The Co-op opens for 1 hour and closes for the next hour.
Currently, only Individual Requests are available for the Co-op; the Party Request feature will be added at a later date.
You can obtain Fighter's Tokens as rewards for the Co-op.
You can exchange the tokens for game items via the PvP merchant in Ohrdor's commercial area.
There are 6 leagues in Co-op mode (Bronze up to Legend), and the higher the league, the more Fighter's Tokens you can obtain.