Ice Demon Cave

Ice Demon Cave

Among the old records of the Rift Research Society, there are expedition notes detailing ancient dungeons.

The mysterious power of the Rift indwells one book, named "Dance of Ice and Lava". If you read this book, it will take you to the dungeon described within its pages.

In the Ice Demon Cave, you can get ingredients for Heroic Skill Crests and new Soulstones.

How to Enter


The difficulty of this dungeon is Epic level 6-10 regardless of the number of party members


Entrance Level: 65

Daily Entrance Limit: 2 (resets at 5 a.m. every day)

Minimum CP: 180,000

Required Item: Sage's Stone x1

How to Play

The Ice Demon Cave has a gate quest for each section.

The key monsters are sometimes hidden. You need to search around carefully to find them.

If you clear all gate quests in time, the Black Market Merchant will appear.

This merchant sells valuable items that are not sold by any other NPC. The item list is different every time the merchant appears.

Proceed to the boss room and kill Avalanchera to clear the dungeon.

Avalanchera drops Avalanchera's Cubes and other items.

You can get ingredients for Heroic Skill Crests and new Soulstones from the cubes.