Lupa's Ancient Archive

Lupa's Ancient Archive

This is the oldest area in Lupa's Library, where Lupa archived many ancient documents. However, the Rift seeps through the walls and bookshelves, turning the Archive into a very dangerous place.

In Lupa's Ancient Archive, you can get items and cubes that cannot be obtained from Lupa's library.

How to Enter


Mythic 6 only


Entrance Level: All

Daily Entrance Limit: None

Required Item: Porystal: Lupa's Ancient Archive

How to Play

Enter the dungeon and kill monsters. If you destroy the bookshelves, monsters with special abilities appear.

When you arrive at the entrance to the boss room, you need to kill the bosses on the first floor to enter the second floor.

In the boss room, there will be three bosses that come in a sequence. You need to kill all three of them to clear the dungeon.

The last boss will drop cubes and items.

You can get ingredients for new Mythic armor from the cubes.