Lupa's Labyrinth

1. Filling the Gauge

Materials: 2 Fabrice Sets, Cooldown Reduction 45%, 3000 Orbs, various enchanted brews

Recommended Skill Tree: Full Throttle, Glacier Prison, Fire Curtain, Bloodfest, Hallucinatory Infection

Skill Combos

A. Deal Fire Curtain > Bloodfest > Hallucinatory Infection > Full Throttle and then Fire Curtain + Glacier Prison depending on the cooldown
(Used in common situations.)
B. Deal Fire Curtain > Glacier Prison > Full Throttle > Fire Curtain > Hallucinatory Infection > Bloodfest depending on the cooldown
(Used when you need time to stack buffs or when there are Swamp Ghosts or Water Ghosts.)
C. Deal Fire Curtain > Glacier Prison > Bloodfest > Hallucinatory Infection > Full Throttle > Fire Curtain depending on the cooldown
(Used when you need time to stack buffs or when hunting Worship and Sacrifice monsters at once.)

You can tweak the above to your own liking as you wish.

2. Defeating the Bosses

DoT Skills: Ice x2, Clock x2, Cyclone x2, Poison x2, Laser x2 = 10 types
Bosses: Margarine, Pamela, Aries, Betty, Edouard, Wachenrode, Theophil = 7 monsters
So, there are 70 situations that could occur when battling bosses in Lupas Labyrinth.

Each type of DoT skill behaves similarly, so the Ice skills are outlined below as an example of what to expect.
Ice 1: Out of the 9 square segments, the middle doesnt get Ice, and 4 of the remaining 8 tiles will get Ice.
Ice 2: Out of the 9 square segments, the ones at 6 and 12 oclock dont get Ice, and the segments at 1 oclock and 7 oclock have Ice all the time.
The rest get Ice intermittently.

Margarine (Magic Type)

Recommended Skill Tree: The same as when filling the gauge.

There are 3 attack patterns utilized by Margarine.

Trap + Kill Instantly
Pull + Kill Instantly
Normal Attack

If you're being trapped, use Glacier Prison and follow it up with Full Throttle or Bloodfest.
However, if you use Full Throttle or an invincibility skill beforehand, you can save about 1-2 seconds when you get trapped.
If the DoT skill is a laser, there's a high chance you will die if you don't use it beforehand.
When the pulling motion starts, use a movement skill or get outside the range and you can avoid receiving damage, though you'll still be pulled in.
Margarine's normal attacks are strong, just like Betty's.
You must use Bloodfest to resist as much as possible.
After being trapped or pulled, you can dodge an instant kill by simply running away, so save Bloodfest
for dodging normal attacks.
Other than that, move to an area where you won't take DoT and fight one on one.
If the DoT skill is a laser, you must predict the timing of the trap and avoid it.
Using potions is recommended, and since Margarine is a magic-type boss, it's also advisable to use enchanted brews.


Recommended Skill Tree: The same as when filling the gauge.

There are 5 attack patterns utilized by Pamela.

Toad Summoning
Monster Summoning
Bomb Throwing
Broom Riding

A toad is summoned and after a certain time, text will appear on the screen and it will explode.
You can save Glacier Prison and use it at this point.
You can get stunned and take damage when you get hit by the monsters, so keep your distance,
and be sure to dodge those thrown by the toad and Pamela.
When Pamela passes by with her broom, she leaves behind a trail of fire which deals great damage.
There will be an explosion three seconds after teleportation, and it's a one-hit kill so you must dodge it at all costs.
You may have to try this one many times before you're successful.


Recommended Skill Tree: The same as when filling the gauge.

Aries uses many different attack patterns.
You can defeat this boss relatively easily if you keep clear of the blue and white DoT skills
and don't attack when the green skill is being used.
The spheres thrown by Aries inflict quite a lot of damage and are hard to judge.
But if you use an invincibility skill when the boss raises its hands, you can avoid it.
If the invincibility skill is in cooldown and you don't have much HP, allow some time for skills and potions to finish cooldown by running away.
Sometimes your character can die along with the boss, so it's good to use an invincibility skill to avoid frustration.


Recommended Skill Tree: The same as when filling the gauge.

There are 5 attack patterns utilized by Betty.

Normal Attack
Jump Attack
Cube Summoning
Mysterious Death 1
Mysterious Death 2

The normal attack inflicts significant damage, so you should use an invincibility skill or keep your distance in order to force a jump attack whenever possible.

After Betty jumps, she summons a cube, deals a normal attack or uses Mysterious Death 1.
You should keep attacking when she summons a cube, or resist with Bloodfest if no cube is summoned.
She uses Mysterious Death 1 every 2-3 jumps.
If she summons a cube after the 2nd or 3rd jump, she will use Mysterious Death 1 right after that.
After using Mysterious Death 1 twice, there's a high chance she will use Mysterious Death 2, so you must pay attention to the cooldown of Glacier Prison.
Her pattern is irregular and requires a fast reaction time, so she's one of the hardest bosses (along with Theophil).


Recommended Skill Tree: The same as when filling the gauge.

There are 4 patterns utilized by Edouard.

Sphere Throw
DoT Skills

You can use a movement skill, run away or use an invincibility skill for all 3 attack patterns.
However, it's recommended to run away from Sphere Throw, use Bloodfest for DoT skills
and Glacier Prison to dodge Laser attacks.
For Laser attacks, use Glacier Prison at the 9 o'clock position and then move towards 6 o'clock to dodge them easily.
He will recover HP if you don't kill him within a certain time, so in that case you should stay away for a while and then attack again.


Recommended Skill Tree: Danse Macabre instead of Glacier Prison

With Wachenrode, you just need to watch out for DoT skills and area attacks.
If Bloodfest is in cooldown or you're low on MP during an area attack, try to move to where there are no Ice Elementals; you'll only be frozen for a little while, and nothing else will happen.

Theophil (Magic Type)

Recommended Skill Tree: Danse Macabre instead of Glacier Prison

There are 5 attack patterns utilized by Theophil.

Normal Attack
Smash 1
Smash 2
Monster Summoning
DoT Skills

Normal and Smash attacks are both cast very quickly and are almost one-hit kills, so you must use 2 movement skills to dodge them.
Once it gets to 7 lines, it starts summoning up to 2 monsters and summons 1 more after using a DoT skill.
It continuously uses DoT skills after that, and if you are hit, you will die instantly.
Theophil's basic attack speed is fast and the monsters inflict a lot of damage (they even taunt you), so it won't be easy to attack from one spot.Keep moving around and use skills or attack while using stealth.

Once you dodge DoT skills with movement skills, you can use Bloodfest.
However, if you've used it already, you'll need to move to the middle to dodge.
Since you're dealing with a magic-type boss, it's recommended to take enchanted brews.

Good luck in there, and happy battling!