Rift Overdrive

The connection between MU and Pandemonium has been intensifying, and the Rift continues to strengthen. Many heroes throughout the continent have tried to stop it, but the invasion continues.

Since the Rift has gone into overdrive, Monster Invasions and Boss Raids have been randomly occurring.


There are Monster Invasions all over the continent, and when you go to an area where one occurs, you'll see a portal.


Click on the portal to open the Monster Invasion entry window. Here, you can see the entry requirements and rewards.

Anyone at Lv. 65 or above can enter a Monster Invasion portal, with the main reward being the Jewel of Bless.
These portals only appear when the Rift goes into overdrive, so they're open for a limited time only. Be sure to enter as soon as possible!
You need at least 12 members (up to 20) to successfully thwart the Monster Invasion.

There are 3 Wardstones in total, and you must defeat the monsters at each location before they overrun the area. The map above shows the Wardstones in the Amberial Forest, and the location of the Wardstones differs in each map.


Monsters appear in waves from the Wardstones.

After 5 minutes of defending the Wardstones, the boss will appear. You must defeat the boss to clear the Monster Invasion.

This shows how a player failed to defend the Wardstones and hunt the boss.

During Monster Invasions, you must defend at least 1 of the 3 Wardstones to be successful and obtain the reward.
In order to get a better reward, you must defend all 3 Wardstones.
In order to defend all 3 Wardstones, make sure to form the appropriate
party and allocate the necessary number of members to each Wardstone.