Combat Power

Combat power is the main value that signifies the overall strength of the character.
Enhancing combat power is not just about increasing the amount of damage a character can deal.
Combat power is affected by the overall stats of the character, including defense and HP.


How to Check Combat Power

Checking Your Combat Power
Combat power is always displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen, so you can easily keep track as it changes when you level up or equip items.


Open the Character Info window (hotkey C) to check the character's combat power, combat-power rank and stat details.
By pressing the [Esc] button, you can also see your combat power, along with your level and Soul level, in the middle of the screen.



Checking Another Character's Combat Power
You can easily check out another character's combat power by [Alt] + right-clicking on them, which will open their Character Info window.
To view the combat power of a player in your guild/party or someone you added as a friend, you can view their details via the Guild window (G), the party list and the Community window (L).
In the Ranking window (V), apart from checking the top-ranked characters in each area, you can also search for a character and check their details.

Factors That Determine Combat Power
Equipping powerful weapons may not be enough to increase your combat power.

Various factors, including defense and HP, affect a character's combat power.
- Character Level and Soul Level: Higher character level and Soul level = higher combat power.
- Equipment and Items: Equipping weapons, armor and accessories with higher grades and higher enchantment levels increases combat power.
Any stats, gems, and soulstones that have been applied to equipment also affect the character's combat power.
- Wings: As wings increase in enchantment level and tier, combat power also increases.
- Pets: Pets' combat power also affects the character's combat power.
You can increase combat power by acquiring additional stats when you summon a pet with a higher tier and level, or when you register one as a companion.
- Artifacts: Grow artifacts to higher levels and equip them to apply their effects to the character. This will also increase the character's combat power.