Rifts exist in many places across MU and are very unstable.
When you enter one through a portal, you will be teleported to an unknown location.
Every time you enter the Rift, the map will be determined at random.
In other words, even if you enter the same Rift portal more than once, you can play on a different map each time.
Regardless of where you enter the Rift from, monsters of the same level as the character will appear.
Likewise, if you enter as a party, monsters of the same level as the strongest party member will appear.

Select the mode.
This shows the dungeon information for the selected mode.
This shows the entry requirements, including level and entry count.
Check the overdrive information for the continent.

Boss Area in the Rift

Once you reach the end of the Rift, you will see a portal that will take you to the boss.
Click on the portal to proceed to the boss area.
If you're in a party, every member must click to enter.
Once you defeat the boss, the Rift is cleared.

Reward for Clearing the Rift

A rank is given for clearing the Rift, depending on the time passed and the number of monsters defeated, and you can select 1 of 4 reward cards.

Once a card is selected, you will receive a reward.
You can either click on a card with your mouse or press the space bar to obtain 1 of the 4 rewards at random.

The Rift: Lupa's Library

This area is a huge library once used by Lupa to study the secrets of the Rift.
Lupa's Library is located in the deepest part of the Rift and is not welcoming to outsiders.

How to Enter Lupa's Library 

While most dungeons can be entered via a portal in a specific location, you must use an item called a "Porystal" (found in the Rift) to enter Lupas Library.

Right-click on the item in your inventory, and a window will open allowing you to enter Lupa's Library from your current position.


Once you choose to enter, the Porystal will be consumed, and you'll be teleported to Lupa's Library.
The difficulty of the dungeon will have already been set according to the grade of the Porystal.

Difficulty Levels According to Porystal Grade:



Entry Difficulty



You can enter Lupa's Library in Normal I difficulty mode.



You can enter Lupa's Library in Normal II difficulty mode.



You can enter Lupa's Library in Normal III difficulty mode.



You can enter Lupa's Library in Normal IV difficulty mode.



You can enter Lupa's Library in Normal V difficulty mode.

If you're in a party, you can enter Lupa's Library with all members.